Thursday, August 16, 2012

Melting Mysore pak recipe

Melting Mysore pak recipe
When i was a kid , I could not resist myself from eating this delicious sweet from Adyar Ananda Bavan and Sri Krishna sweets , Melting Mysore pak . Here goes the recipe . Belive me it is going to be a huge hit in your home when u make this . So here goes the recipe of melting mysore pak .


Gram Flour / Besan Flour -  3/4 cup
Ghee - 1/2 cup
Oil - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Water - 1/4 cup


In a Cooking pan or vessel , add the sieved gram flour and roast it in low flame for few seconds .

Now add one tablespoon of very hot oil to the flour and mix well .

Set aside  .

Mix oil and ghee in a vessel  and heat it . In another vessel add the sugar and water and bring the contents to boil . Bring it boil i till it reaches the bubble consistency  as shown in the below picture.

At this stage , Start adding the gram flour little by little to the sugar syrup by continuous stirring .

Similarly add the remaining gram flour and mix well without any lumps  and keep stirring in a medium flame. Similarly the Ghee + Oil should also be in the medium flame.

Start adding the ghee using a ladle and it will froth as soon as you add it .

Keep adding a ladeful of ghee again , and continue to stir .Similarly repeat this process over till all the ghee and oil are absorbed . Continue stirring till the contents starts thickening . The entire process need to be done in medium flame only . At one stage if you run the spatula in the middle the mixture should be in a straight line for few seconds . So at this stage the mysorepak is almost ready . Now turn off .

Grease a pan , transfer the contents to it . Allow it to cool a bit .

Cut them in to tiny squares .

After it is completely cooled down remove the pieces .

Store this in an air tight container and use .

Enjoy this sweet !


  1. Its so tempting and good clicks...

  2. Nice. My father in law used to make mysore pak like this. And I used to be his able assistant! But I have never attempted it on my own since it would always have been compared to his!

  3. wow..I too loved Sri Krishna sweets! I loved bringing sweets from there back to the sweet-loving relatives in Bhubaneswar! :)

  4. Nice tempting click there...Yummy !

  5. Nice tempting click there...Yummy !

  6. tempting mysorepak and detailed clicks and post!

  7. looks very tempting...

  8. good clicks and looks delicious!

  9. mysore pak i used to get in prasad at temples and i really loved it

    so heavy it is

    ur pics make it look simple from here
    btw when u update ur blog ur posts only are showing not the pic of the recipe

    i had the same prb and i found out its frm feed

    go to ur feedburner and change ur url

    change the original
    feed URL to "/feeds/posts/

    stop at default as after that is some ?rss

    check it u wud know

  10. Yummy, well demonstrated

  11. Delicious melt in mouth sweet,looks divine
    Great step by step pics.

  12. Hey love these mysorepaks. Didn't knw they were this easy to make :). Good one

  13. Delicious.. one of my favs.

    You have a great space here.. Happy to follow you.

  14. Thank you for posting such a lovely recipe. I love this mysore pak. I had this first at Chennai Airport and since then fallen in love with this Mysore Pak.