Friday, March 29, 2013

Pomelo Juice

I was shopping in the farmers market and I found this fruit Pomelo , They looked similar to Sweet lime and oranges, but 3 times the size of oranges . I grabbed 2 of them and came home . I googled out about the fruit and was amazed about the health benefits . Its a citric fruit loaded with Vitamin C , similar to the Orange fruit juice .  It aids in weight loss .I made fresh juice with the fruit .

Pomelo Juice

  • Pomelo fruit - 2 no 
  • Water - As needed
  • Sugar / Honey - To taste


Take the fruit and Slice it up .

When I sliced it , the fruit was pink inside similar to the Grape fruit .

    Squeeze out the juice using a juicer , by adding water as needed .

    Transfer the juice to the blender , add the sugar or honey as needed depending on taste and run the mixer . The juice becomes frothy .

    Serve with some Ice cubes .

    This is a perfect and a healthy drink on hot summer days .


    1. new 2 me..always votes 4 these types of juices.

    2. Oh! I've never heard of a pomelo, but the color of that juice is absolutely gorgeous :-)

    3. Hi, what juicer do you use? Thanks so much!!!

      1. Hi Mia ,
        I use a Citrus Eleric juicer that I got from amazon . Hope this helps