Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pumpkin Halwa / Kasi Halwa / Poosanikai Halwa / Pumpkin dessert / பூசனி அல்வா / காசி அல்வா

This is one of my old post that I wanted to post during halo-ween time  . We had a lot of pumpkins at my home that time as my kids go to pick pumpkins from school . To freeze them i made this Pumpkin puree . I tried this halwa from the puree that i made at home . The recipe came really well . The original version requires the pumpkin to be grated , this is a modified version of pumpkin halwa . Now off to the recipe .

Pumpkin Halwa / Kasi Halwa / Poosanikai Halwa / பூசனி அல்வா / காசி அல்வா

Ingredients :
  • Pumpkin puree or grated pumpkin ( Yellow Pumpkin ) - 2 cups ( I used Pumpkin puree )
  • Sugar - 1 cup
  • margarine or Butter - 1/2 stick ( Approx 57 gm ) , I used margarine for this recipe
  • Nuts - Few , for garnishing ( Optional ) 
Pumpkin Halwa / Kasi Halwa / Poosanikai Halwa / Pumpkin dessert / பூசனி அல்வா / காசி அல்வா


Transfer the pumpkin puree to heavy bottom pan and bring the contents to a boil . This allows the pumpkin to get cooked and the excess water evaporates .(If you are using grated pumpkin squeeze out the water from the pumpkin and bring it to boil .)

After the raw smell from pumpkin goes and the pumpkin is half cooked , add the sugar and keep striing till the sugar dissolves .

Now add the margarine or Butter and mix .

Keep stirring as all the contents starts to blend well and leaves the sides of the pan .

Garnish with the nuts of your choice .

Serve warm .


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  2. Pumpkin halwa looks so colorful and delicious.

  3. halwa looks tempting n tasty...

  4. delicious pumpkin halwa...hi first time here...following you..do visit my blog when you are free...

  5. Droolworthy halwa, cant ask more.

  6. Yum ...it looks perfect and tempting

  7. Tempting halwa ...Loved the colour of the halwa :-)
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  10. I never knew that Kasi halwa can be prepared with yellow pumpkin! It's usually prepared with white pumpkin, isn't it? :)

    I love sweets, so I can definitely finish off the bowl!:)

    1. Mahi ,
      I did not know that it is to be prepared by white pumpkin .Anyways thanks for letting me know dear . I just thought any pumpkin would be fine . This one came out really good like the white pumpkin. I could not find the difference .

  11. Halwa has got beautiful color. Looks yum!

  12. Awesome recipe thanks for linking with my event.
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