Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To cook Basmathi Rice

This is a very basic post , but cooking the rice to perfection enhances,  that the dish is perfectly made either Fried rice or Dum Biryani . Off to the recipe now .

Cook Basmathi Rice to perfection
How To cook Basmathi Rice


  • Basmathi Rice - 3 cups
  • Salt - To taste
  • Oil - 1 tsp
  • Water  - As needed


Take a heavy bottom pan and add water , salt , oil and bring it to a boil .
Take the basmathi rice in a bowl , wash it . Drain water and set aside for 30 minutes .
Add the rice to the water and bring the contents to a rapid boil .
Check the rice and allow it to be  cooked till soft . Cook it till 80 % done , If it is overcooked it will turn mushy .

Filter the rice using a strainer and run the rice in cold water . Fluff it with a spatula . This seperates the rice from sticking to each other .

Now the rice is cooked and ready to be made in to a fried rice or use this to make Dum Biryani .
Enjoy this rice with a curry of your choice .


      1. Loved the description. Thanks for sharing.

      2. Very useful post for everybody... lovely

      3. Very useful post, prefectly cooked basmati rice.

      4. No Indian meal is complete without rice. Your tutorial will be of great help for the learners. :)

      5. Great post.. Basmathi rice looks perfect.. Very useful for beginners Preethi :-)