Thursday, November 21, 2013


Curry powder OR Sambar powder is a very important ingredient in an Indian Kitchen  . I try to add this Curry Powder ( Sambar powder ) in making a Stir Fry ( Poriyal ) Or making Different curry . My mom made this for me when I was in my Vacation to India  . She  packed a bulk of this Curry Powder ( Sambar Powder ) for me  and sent  it to US . It stays fresh for a Year .This is my moms Recipe which she has been making for ages . So off to Curry Powder ( Sambar Powder ) now .

Home made Fresh Curry Powder  ( Sambar Powder )Recipe


  • Whole Red Chilli - 450 grams
  •  Coriander  Seeds - 500 Grams
  • Cumin Seeds ( Jeera ) - 35 Grams
  •  Pepper Corns - 35 grams
  • Channa Dal - 25 Grams
  •  Rice grains  - 25 Grams
  •  Methi Seeds ( Fenugreek seeds ) - 15 grams

    Method :

    Take the whole red chills in a big plate and keep in under sun for one Day . Set aside  ( In Case there is no sun , like a rainy day this step could be made by roasting the chilles in a pan for few seconds till they become warm . Remove and set aside . )

     Take the Coriander seeds in a wok and roast them till they become warm . Remove it .

    Now add the channa dal , Rice grains , Cumin seeds , Pepper corns , Methi seeds and dry roast for few minutes . Remove it and transfer to a large tray .

    Now add the roasted coriander seeds and chillis to the tray and allow the contents to cool down .

    My mom transferred  them to a large container and sent them to mill for the contents to be grounded as a very fine powder . ( I also went to the mill with my dad and got this picture of a mill where our Sambar powder ( Curry Powder ) is getting ready ) For those who are making in small quantities , grind the contents to a powder in Mixer and sieve the powder to get fine powder .

    Once the powder is come home from mill , Open it and allow it to cool down completely . Store it in an airtight container and Use it for a year .

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    Notes : 

    • This Curry powder could be used as a substitute for Red chilli powder in making curry .
    • Grinding in mill is better as the curry powder will be grounded very fine . 


    1. homemade powder is always best.. nice recipe

    2. Wow. Look at that lovely color. What a flavorful and versatile masala.
      Thanks for sharing.

    3. A must is all our houses, very beautifully done dear...

    4. One basic recipe to learn . Thanks for sharing....

    5. to make a tasty sambar this is very essential. happy to follow you. If u get time please visit mine too.

    6. I usually buy the ready made sambar powder but after looking at your home made version, I am gonna change my mind. The powder is so good and love the color of it.